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CPU 24/7 is a leading provider of CAE as a Service Solutions.

Headquartered in Potsdam / Germany, CPU 24/7 develops and operates unique on demand services for High Performance Computing (HPC) that are based on the latest globally accepted industry standards for hardware, software, and applications.

Since 2006 CPU 24/7 has served in particular the high end Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) markets where these services are designed to fulfill all requirements of even the most demanding jobs, such as numerical simulations in scientific research and industrial engineering - for example to compute flow models in the aerospace industry - and to run these jobs instantaneously and only at incremental costs.

CPU 24/7’s unique “CAE as a Service” approach allows customers and engineers to keep their focus 100% on their research, development, and engineering tasks, therefore not wasting any precious time and financial resources with developing, operating, and maintaining a highly specialized HPC infrastructure.

Furthermore, CPU 24/7 offers ‘on demand’ license models for most of the application software, therefore, the customer does not have to purchase expensive on-site licenses of a complete HPC and CAE software stack, making CPU 24/7 really the only commercially reasonable model for small to medium size businesses and smaller projects.

Since 01.01.2018 CPU 24/7 GmbH is a subsidiary of IAV GmbH.