CAE as a Service

We are a leading provider of CAE as a Service solutions and develop and operate unique on demand services for CAE.

CAE as a Service

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Today, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) methodologies, for example numerical simulation in scientific research, are established industry standards complementing or even replacing time consuming and expensive real-world prototypes or models.

Ready to use & on-demand!

However, CAE computations require the latest and fastest high performance computer hardware and software technologies to keep up with the demand from ever growing complexities in these models. And only a perfectly designed, configured and operated HPC system will be able to operate at peak performance.

The process of designing, configuring, tuning and operating those HPC systems requires highly specialized expert knowledge and years of experience, which is rarely found at a standard IT service organization, and typically not the expertise of the researchers.

In addition, investing into building up a comprehensive HPC system and to operate it is extremely expensive and prohibitive for small to medium size companies and smaller projects. Such investments include high performance servers, specialized high throughput network components, specialized simulation application software, complex configuration management and – last but not least – comprehensive security measures to protect important intellectual property. Expenditures easily exceed several million US dollars and may take several years from start to operation.

CPU 24/7 provides its customers with a flexible, pre-configured and “ready-to-use” CAEaaS infrastructure hosted in the CPU 24/7 Cloud. The service is provisioned ‘on-demand’, eliminates expensive upfront investments and is immediately available. Using established proprietary processes and methodologies, CPU 24/7 works with the customer and their application specific requirements to design and deploy their HPC systems through CPU 24/7s on-demand remote desktop interface.

Four good reasons to use CAE as a Service

4 good reasons
  1. Customers have a demand-based and dynamic access to scalable HPC resources on the latest hardware and software with short provisioning times guaranteed.
  2. No initial and follow-up costs for resources, licenses and staff occur. The settlement of CAEaaS utilisation is based on the actual consumption.
  3. Through the application of more powerful computing resources results can be achieved faster and due to this fact it is possible to take more efficient advantages of licenses.
  4. An extensive range of service and support facilities gives engineers more scope for focussing on their own core competences. We as the cloud service provider assume the license management, the establishment of a simulation environment and the selection of suitable hardware configuration.


Security in focus

ISO 27001

CPU 24/7s CAEaaS solutions are designed to meet the most exacting demands in terms of availability, confidentiality and integrity.

Hosted in Germany – highly available and secure data centres

HPC clusters are located at ISO 27001 certified, verifiable, high-security computing centres in Germany – “Hosted in Germany”. The equipment in our data centres conforms to the Level TIER 4 and includes a redundant infrastructure, access controls, authorisation concepts and video monitoring.

Data security


Data is stored solely in our German high security data centre and is handled according to Federal Data Protection Act and Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Individual separate requirements (deletion, backups, accounts) can also be applied.

Dedicated and private CAEaaS infrastructure

CPU 24/7 solutions are not based on a shared IT infrastructure and consequently its use is confined to the specific client. Customers and their data will be isolated by completely separate systems. In technical terms the connection and operation are equivalent to adding another business location.

Secure channels and protocols


For communication we always use secure, industry standard and authenticated connections and protocols with basic encryption (e.g. SCP, SSH or FTPS). As part of individual security agreements encrypted VPN connections or dedicated lines are also a valid option. With our CAE Enterprise solution, we set up individual, enterprise-class security and availability agreements as well as wide ranging confidentiality agreements, service level agreements or a system security policy.


State-of-the-art HPC technology

CPU 24/7 provides the latest and the fastest Intel Xeon E5-2600 series of processors (typically Intel® Xeon® E5-2690 v4 with 2.6 GHz | 28 Cores | 512 GB RAM). In the interest of security, performance and flexibility, and in order to make the appropriate customer specific adaptions, each CPU 24/7 customer is assigned a non-virtualised, customized simulation environment with access to exclusively physically bare-metal servers.  


A high performance, parallel file system with data tiering, several replication levels and an InfiniBand network as well as the use of offload architecture / acceleration engines ensures maximum performance and scalability for solving the most demanding CAE jobs. Benchmarks in coordination with ISV, continuous cluster and software (e.g. MPI) optimization and tuning make sure that servers not just run smoothly but also faster.


Easy access and secure data transfer

Maintaining user productivity applies in particular to effective remote access to the CAEaaS infrastructure, including 3D graphics, and to efficient and secure transfer of large volumes of data.

Moving data in and out

transfer your data easily and secure
  • Data Transfer via secure protocols: SCP, FTPS
  • Symmetrical connection with up to 10 GBit/s

Remote Access and Tools

  • ThinLinc: secure remote desktop
  • NoMachine NX: Secure, encrypted remote access
  • VNC: Standard remote visualization
  • Secure protocols: SSH, FTPS
  • CAE application: GUI or batch mode

Pre- and post-processing

Remote Visualisation with 3D Acceleration: efficient and optimised remote access to graphics-intensive, ready-to-use 3D applications, irrespective of the network speed and latency (e.g. NICE DCV or FastX from StarNet)


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