CAE Express

Standard HPC cluster solutions for SMB customers and smaller CAE projects - with just a single click.

CAE Express

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You don't need your own servers.

CAE Express provides project-based, standard HPC server and network configurations and several complete application software stacks for high-performance CAE jobs, which is particularly interesting for SMB customers and smaller projects.

Very often benefits of fast, but capital-intensive HPC systems and clusters are needed only for a clearly defined time period of a project.

CPU 24/7 covers this short-term increased demand for specific processing power by offering CAE Express. The use of CAE Express is an excellent alternative for meeting intermittent demand for high performance computing power. “CAE Express” is configured and ordered online and is deployed to the customer via a remote desktop or SSH.

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How it works


You don't need your own servers.

On top, CAE Express offers you a CAE application software stack (ANSYS, NUMECA, CD-adapco, OpenFOAM and more) and has established ready-made workflows to obtain and deploy the required license on request and without delay.


Ready-to-use in a few simple steps

CAE Express provides you with a ready-to-use, pre-configured CAEaaS infrastructure hosted in the CPU 24/7 Cloud, to enable you to begin straightaway with your computations and simulations.

Pay as you go

Pay as you go

Having temporarily access to resources in order to match fluctuating needs you only pay for the capacity and duration of the computing services that have been actually used. This is by far more cost-effective for certain companies than maintaining a large infrastructure that exceeds the company’s average computing power requirements.


Free try-out

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CPU 24/7 provides an easy, “try-before-you-buy“, no-cost access to a small HPC cloud test environment including full support. This way, you have the opportunity to securely connect to remote HPC resources in the CPU 24/7 cloud in order to evaluate tools for account access, job submission to execute batch solver jobs, tools to test interactive performance of applications and file transfer speeds.

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