CAE Virtual Operators

Exclusive B2B HPC cluster solutions for engineering services and consulting companies.

CAE Virtual Operators

We all live every day in virtual environments,
defined by our ideas.

Michael Crichton
Do what you do best. We'll do what we do best.

Solving the most demanding research-, development, and –engineering tasks for your customers is your daily routine? CPU 24/7 provides a complete ready-to-use HPC cluster solution that is exclusively tailored for the specific needs of national and international engineering services and consulting companies in the B2B segment.

Solve your customer’s problems -
better, faster and project-based.

While you bring your extremely indispensable engineering know-how, we provide a highly specialized HPC infrastructure during the whole life span of your CAE project. Our HPC cluster solutions are designed to cope 100% with your customers’ demands and requirements, especially in terms of performance, scalability, security and availability.

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