High Performance Computing Glossary - D

Dassault Systems

Dassault Systems is a global software development business headquartered in France. It is specialized in solving 3D as well as PLM problems.

Data Transfer

In discussions with customers we are often asked about the possibilities for data transfer. Firstly we must make it clear: the transfer of data between your terminal and our resources is at all times authenticated and encrypted, without exception, from start to finish. Well-known standard protocols such as Secure Shell (SSH), Secure Copy (SCP) or Secure File Transfer Protocol (FTPS) are used for the transfer.

The advantage of SSH is that the protocol can also be used for accessing clusters via the terminal. With reference to the performance of the data transfers, we achieve a transfer speed of up to 10 Gbit/s using rapid symmetrical buses. Remember, you can test the transfer rate free of charge, in particular to eliminate any ’last mile’ problems. In individual cases encrypted hard drives can also be dispatched.

Digital Prototyping

Digital prototyping refers to the development of prototypes with the help of virtual 3D computer models and simulations.