High Performance Computing Glossary - I


InfiniBand is a specification for describing a serial transfer technology form Mellanox for data networks in HPC clusters. CPU 24/7 uses high performance InfiniBand links to compute your numerical simulations. QDR and the FDR standard are among the current transfer protocols. Transfer rates of 40 Gbit/s or 56 Gbit/s are possible with these standards. In the meantime, EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) was released with 100 Gbit/s and in 2017 experts expect to be in the 200 Gb/s era.

Comparing 1 Gbit/s Ethernet with EDR InfiniBand, there is an increase of 100x in bandwidth just as with faster Ethernet solutions, for example 10 Gbit/s, there is a 10x increase in bandwidth. However, from a latency perspective, InfiniBand enables applications to communicate in less than 1 microsecond, as compared to Ethernet ranging from tens if not hundreds of microseconds. InfiniBand has at least a 10x advantage in bandwidth and latency assuming an Ethernet solution is performing at 10 Gbit/s.

Intel® Cluster Ready

This is a certification programme used for improved harmonisation of cluster systems and applications. The Intel® Cluster Ready certificate provides you with a guarantee that all our cluster components will work together perfectly to provide high performance. Our HPC clusters have Intel® Cluster Ready certification.