High Performance Computing Glossary - L


What use is the best computing performance if the applications cannot be used? The dynamic aspect of HPC Cloud Computing creates a need to provide more flexible, time-dependent user licences. Annual licences are rarely worthwhile for small and medium-sized companies with widely fluctuating workloads, and therefore on demand models provide a good alternative.

To ensure the most effective functioning of the hardware and software we handle all aspects of licence management, from consultancy and procurement to integration and support, including updates and upgrades. We also provide you with such open source products as OpenFOAM and numerous commercial products from ANSYS, CD-adapco, NUMECA, COMSOL and many more.

Ready-made workflows and in-depth partnerships ensure that we can not just obtain and integrate the required licence promptly but also give a qualitative impetus, make existing licensing models more flexible. We will be happy to install your own in-house code on your customised HPC cluster.


The FEM computing program LS-Dyna enables simulations and investigations of profoundly nonlinear physical processes on the computer.