High Performance Computing Glossary - P

Parallel File System

In contrast to NFS, with the parallel file system a number of nodes can access the same data simultaneously and in coordination, because this data is distributed among several storage nodes. This improves the performance of the entire system significantly, especially when access involves a high volume of writing or reading that requires large bandwidths, as is commonly the case with HPC.


One petaFLOPS (PFLOPS) are 1015 FLOPS.

Private Managed Cloud

In an age of rapid technological development companies have recognised the benefits of making their own IT infrastructure more flexible. Transferring data to the public cloud is not an option for companies, because of data protection and information security issues, and this is not surprising given the sensitivity of data that can have a decisive effect on competitiveness. Alternatives are therefore needed. The private cloud could offer just such an alternative, if the total cost of ownership were not disproportionately high.

The private managed cloud provides a compromise. In technical terms a private managed cloud is a cloud solution that is not based on a shared infrastructure and is intended exclusively for a particular client, but is managed by a third party provider in accordance with appropriate individual agreements. In operational and security terms, for our clients this means that, in principle, with CPU 24/7 HPC resources the connection and work performed are carried out as if at one’s own additional business location.