Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them.

Albert Einstein
Full Service & Support

Engineering applications from industry and science e.g. in the field of numerical simulations or physical processes such as flows, burning, chemical reactions etc., impose special requirements on the CAEaaS infrastructure. CPU 24/7 was founded ten years ago by German engineers, most of them having their experience and expertise in the field of aeronautics, airplane engines, computational fluid dynamics and the respective computing power. Our highly-skilled experts aim to adapt as far as possible in order to meet the customer’s requirements and workflows, and in so doing to obtain the best performance and usability while retaining maximum security.


Full Service & Support

Customers can request support throughout the entire period, without exception, in German and English, by telephone, fax or email.


Consulting | Customising

Consulting | Customising

  • Consulting service
  • Design of highly customised HPC clusters


License Management

License Management

  • Fast deployment and installation of software and the respective licenses
  • Availability of on demand license model for most of the application software



  • Basic data centre operations, e.g. hosting and housing
  • Provisioning of the applicable IT infrastructure stack
  • Network management
  • Monitoring


Operations | Maintenance | Tuning

Operations | Maintenance | Tuning
  • User account administration
  • Assuring the optimal functionality of the software application and hardware
  • Updating and upgrading of hardware, firmware and software
  • Optimisation of hardware and software
  • Recovery and replacement services
  • Warranty management
  • Decommissioning and deletion of data etc.


Reporting | Analysis | Tuning

Reporting | Analysis

  • Use-of-potential analyses (reporting, optimisation)
  • Hardware and software analyses (system checks and pre-testing)
  • Demand analyses


CPU 24/7 is committed personally on your behalf

For us service & support means that you are not left in an anonymous ticket system or waiting in a queue. We are convinced that only an open dialogue conducted in a spirit of partnership can guarantee the best possible solutions. We are fast, reliable and devoted 100 per cent to finding the right solutions.

For us service & support also means developing sustainable and individual solutions, which will benefit you in the long term. We are with you from the initial steps to the successful conclusion of your project, and can respond to individual requests at any time. You profit from our many years of experience and our expertise. Your project is also our project and therefore your success is ours too. Whether you wish to telephone our experts, or if we can help via email or remote maintenance, we guarantee that you will always receive a prompt and individual response.


Our aim is that our HPC solutions always meet your requirements and your workflows, and sometimes a little bit more.

“Our administrators are working every day to ensure that the systems operate without interruption. We plan and test updates in consultation with the clients, and carry them out in a way that is designed to reduce downtimes to a minimum. We do not wait until a problem arises before taking action. Our aim is not just to ensure that your system is operating ‘again’, but that it operates ‘better’.”

Thomas Gropp, IT systems engineer at CPU 24/7


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