FaSTTUBe - Formula Student Team TU Berlin

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“CPU 24/7 allows us to focus on that which make our racing car faster, the simulation - without the time consuming IT workload. Thanks to the enormous computing capacities, we are able to run far more detailed and extensive simulations than on workstations and therefore get more accurate results. In addition, the service offers the possibility for us to access the simulation from everywhere with any kind of device, which allows us to make adjustments or retrieve data even faster.”

Fridtjof Gustavs, Teamleiter FaSTTUBe

University: TU Berlin
Team capacity:50 members
Category:Combustion Engine
Current name of the racing car:FT17
Max. Speed:130 km/h
0 to 100 km/h in4,0 s
Type of calculations:Simulation of aerodynamic properties of individual components, total vehicle simulation of the symmetric model as well as turning performance
FSG- overall ranking in 2016:18th
Goal for FSG 2017Top 10
Team slogan 2017“Let´s build a f****** race car!”